Dallas Woman Feels Violated After Finding Wag Dog Walker’s Wallet Inside Her Bed Sheets

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Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with a statement from Wag.

Dog-walking company Wag is on a short leash with customer Denise Toy after she found her walker’s wallet in her bed.

Toy, a Dallas resident, used Wag’s services to secure walkies for her 14-year-old dog, Sunnie. One day, Wag texted her to ask if she had seen her walker’s wallet, as he believed he dropped it while walking Sunnie. Toy checked around her house, but to no avail; the wallet was nowhere to be found. She notified Wag as such and went about her business.

Later that night, as she was sleeping, she rolled over to get more comfortable and discovered — much to her surprise — the missing wallet. “My bed was not made,” Denise said in a statement to NextShark, “and I’m not sure if the door was closed at the time, but I found the wallet under the covers in the middle of the night when I hit it with my leg.”

Unsettled and upset, Toy took to FaceBook to let her friends know about the incident.

“I have been using this dog walking service called Wag after I kept seeing ads on my FaceBook. Well today, they texted me saying that my walker may have left his wallet behind while walking my dog. After I got home from work, I checked the counters and floor in the kitchen, front room, and bathroom and let them know I didn’t see it.

“So later I’m sleeping, I roll over onto something and find that the wallet is IN MY BED! Why TF is there a man’s wallet IN MY BED when I keep my dog crated out in the front room? CREEPERS OUT THERE!”

After Denise followed up with Wag, she circled back to her initial post to report on what had transpired.

“So Wag told me they would credit me for the walk (ummm thanks but I think I’m good) and that the dog walker said he was playing with Sunnie in my bed. I’m not sure about you guys,but I don’t go to random people’s homes and play with their dogs in their beds, especially if they aren’t home. And I don’t think I would be ‘playing’ with a dog in the bed to the point my wallet fell out of my pocket and got lost. You gotta be laying down and rolling around for that to happen. And how does your wallet get UNDER the covers?

“And also… my dog is 14 years old and can’t even walk that well from being paralyzed from a slipped disc a couple years back. After going to physical therapy, she’s lucky to even walk for 15 minutes and she can’t really play. Anyone that’s met her would agree that she’s an old lady and doesn’t play. She limps around, stares at people, and sleeps.”

Wag also asked if they could give the walker Toy’s phone number so the two of them could arrange a convenient time to get the wallet back to its rightful owner. “It was super insensitive for their initial response to be about getting the wallet back to him instead of me feeling violated,” she said to Nextshark.

They also explained to Denise the walker’s side of the story. “Sunnie did not want to go for her full 30 minute walk, and he didn’t want to make it seem like he was bouncing early, so he brought her in,” she said, stating what was explained to her. “She didn’t want to play with him on the couch and walked away. She went into my room to chill and so he went in there to play with her, at which point he lost his wallet.”

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