Former Corporate Employee: there are an overwhelming amount of instances where a dog is put in danger or lost due to the incompetence of walkers.

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And just as an afterthought: I’m a huge dog lover. That’s why I applied to work for Wag, because I’d be in a dog-focused environment all day. Wag has broken my heart with the treatment of the animals in their walker’s care. I’m sure there are many wonderful, caring walkers out there. Right before I left, I dealt with a superstar walker who saved a pup from being stolen. However, there are an overwhelming amount of instances where a dog is put in danger or lost due to the incompetence of walkers. Onboarding is not discrete and will hire just about anyone to be a walker. I really couldn’t recommend more that you stay away from Wag if you value your dog’s safety. I don’t know anything about Rover, but after Wag, I can’t imagine feeling safe putting a dog’s life in the hands of any faceless-app service. Hire someone you know to walk your dog if you need to. It’d probably be cheaper than Wag anyway. If you have a Wag walker you like, maybe suggest they walk for you personally, apart from Wag—you could pay the same rates even, but your walker would get more of it and you wouldn’t be contributing to a company (who’s independent contractors) put thousands of dog’s in danger daily, due to their poor screening process. DO NOT believe them when they say they vet their walkers for experience. I’m sure many walkers do have experience, but so many more are just kids looking for a quick job. So many walkers fake walks also. They’ll glitch the GPS in the app to make it look like they’re in your neighborhood, and make a fake report card out. Sometimes even putting in a pic of your pup from your wag profile. The reps can catch these easily—if they’re reported. I’m sure so many go unreported. I’ve dealt with instances of sitters never showing up, and faking it in the app, so that the pup is left alone for days.

Just don’t use it. Don’t work for it. All you good walkers deserve better, all you owners should know better, and to all the pups in the system, my heart is with you. My most recent dog passed away a few years ago. He was old, but I miss him the same. I would’ve never trusted his safety to Wag. These dogs deserve better.

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